Construction of industrial plants based on the principles of plant layout engineering is the first and most important step in investing and establishing production plants and service units.

Due to the growing acceptance of investors to use engineering approaches to advance their goals, integrated services of engineering studies which include the conceptual design, the supervision of construction and installation of machinery unit, and the delivery is taken into consideration. In this regard, this consulting engineering group, by providing extensive engineering services, has put the plant layout studies based on the principles of SLP (Systematic Layouting Plan) on their agenda. 

Service Fields:

Studying and investigating the needs of the investor and their compliance with national and international standards.

Studying and investigating the course of the production process of services and transportation of goods.

Investigating accessible spaces and allocating them to project activities.

Investigating the environmental and technical limitations of the design and revision of the design and design path of the service production process (PFD / PFS).

Layout designing of operational buildings and plan support on site.

Designing technology of production/service lines and determining the requirements of their technical buildings and preparing specifications, lists, and locating machinery and equipment.

Preparation of technical specifications of materials and providing all plans for the implementation of architecture, structures, civil, mechanical and electrical installations of project's buildings.

Designing and supervision of construction of industrial factories, warehouses and related office buildings.