Promoting the level of technical and managerial capabilities in the field of maintenance and repair of equipment, buildings and facilities, infrastructure assets, etc has many benefits such as increasing the effectiveness of activities and reducing maintenance costs, increasing useful life and reducing failure and downtime of equipment and physical assets for industrial, office, commercial and service complexes. In this regard, many equipment-based complexes improve their performance and capabilities in this area by using the services of consulting, excellent supervision in the field of maintenance and repairs. 

Providing consulting, supervisory, and workshop services in the field of maintenance requires sufficient experience, knowledge and understanding of the various operational aspects affecting maintenance management and technical and in-depth knowledge of assets and equipment. ITCEN's maintenance department established in 1994 to provide consulting services in the field of industrial management (operation and maintenance - O & M). This consulting engineering group has more than two decades of experience in supervising on operation, maintenance and repair of equipment, buildings and facilities, as well as the implementation of numerous projects in the Iran's industries such as rail, port, marine mining and metal, Oil, gas, petrochemical industry, etc. ITCEN is one of the most experienced and leading consulting companies in the field of maintenance management, which operates scientifically and practically in this field. 

ITCEN Co. has been providing consulting services in the field of physical asset management since 2013 by expanding its maintenance department to the Maintenance Department and Physical Asset Management.

As a professional member of "IAM-Institute of Asset Management", the company has cooperated with the most reputable scientific and practical authorities in the field of "physical asset management" and announces its readiness to provide physical asset management consulting services to industries and service complexes.

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Service Fields:

Consulting and supervising on outsourcing of equipment and assets management in the form of contracts (Operations & Maintenance).

Supervising on the performance of maintenance contractors.

Advising on providing various maintenance contracts.

Consulting and establishing maintenance and repair systems.

Implementation and establishment of the physical asset management system.

Assessing the status of physical asset management and developing a roadmap for establishment and excellence.

Providing technical advice regarding the repair of industrial equipment and vessels (hull and engine).

Contractual consulting in the field of tenders for the purchase of equipment, overhaul, construction. installation, putting equipment into service, arrangement of maintenance and repair contracts, etc.

Implementation of Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS).

Implement maintenance strategies such as PM, CBM, RCM, etc.

Consulting on Reliability-Based Maintenance (RCM).

Consulting on Root cause Analysis (RCA).

Implementing Preventive Maintenance Optimization (PMO).

Consulting for design and optimization of workflow management system in maintenance and repairs.

Consulting for overhaul repairs.

Carrying out equipment life cycle costing (LCC) studies.

Consulting for design and optimization of spare parts, warehouse and logistics management (MRO) system.

Consulting for creating management dashboards in the field of maintenance and repair (KPI).

Sensitivity analysis, prioritization and definition of maintenance strategy.

Consulting for purchasing equipment in accordance with performance standards.

Implementation of ISO 14224 standard.

Carrying out technical and economic feasibility studies.