Urban train depots are a place for repairing and maintaining trains in different categories and a place to park and send trains to the line, and it is called the beating heart of theurban train. ITCEN Co. has the ability to design a complete depot in various parts of railways, special and unspecial equipment, design of industrial buildings and structures, and depot support by examining and acquiring relevant knowledge.

Service Fields:

Designing and supervision on urban train depots such as Mashhad, Tabriz, Shiraz, Ahvaz and Isfahan depots.

Designing and monitoring of fire alarm and extinguishing systems in the line section.

Supervising on the construction and installation of elevators and escalators in subways.

Developing and providing standards for urban train depots, in which the Journal of  Depot Design Principles and Basics has been compiled by our company for Iran's Planning and Budget Organization.